Why Guitarists Fail To Reach Their Musical Goals

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You need to persevere in order to accomplish truly amazing things in your guitar playing. Most guitarists quit too soon whenever faced with challenges, and end up regretting it later. Don’t allow yourself to go down the same path!

The following are three big reasons why guitar players quit before achieving their musical goals (and what you need to do in order to achieve yours):

Reason 1: They Aren’t Part Of A Group Of Like-Minded Musicians

You achieve your guitar playing goals with less frustration when you are part of a group of guitarists who inspire you to get better. A group like this provides you with friendly competition, motivation and accountability for reaching your goals. Finding a community like this is truly invaluable.

Reason 2: Practicing Guitar Isn’t Fun, So They Find Reasons Not To Do It

Practicing guitar should be fun and motivating. Many guitarists are bored with their practice and find ways to avoid it. Here are a few reasons why this happens:

*They don’t know what to practice, so they just practice whatever they find on the internet.

*They practice in a way that isn’t engaging and doesn’t help them apply their skills. For example, mindlessly practicing scales over and over. This kind of practice is boring and doesn’t help you apply the scales into actual music.

*They overwhelm themselves with too many things to practice. Some guitarists do this because they don’t know what to practice. Others (mistakenly) believe that practicing for many hours per day is the only way to become great. When you practice like this, you become burned out and/or struggle to focus. This makes practicing frustrating and boring.

Work together with a guitar teacher to learn exactly what you should be practicing to reach your musical goals. Then, divide up your practice time into smaller chunks of 15-20 minutes to stay focused the entire time.

Reason 3: They Don’t Practice Guitar Very Effectively

A lot of guitarists do not practice very effectively. This keeps them from getting great results from their time and effort. This is particularly common for guitar players who learn on their own (who have developed poor playing/practicing habits over a long time). To quickly fix this problemFree Reprint Articles, find and take lessons with an experienced guitar teacher who has been proven to help his students achieve their musical goals. Working with someone like this ensures that you get the information you need to create an effective practicing schedule and practice as effectively as possible.

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