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Analog Heart is Haverhill, Massachusetts based band with a great mix of sounds lead by incredible vocals. After listening to their music for the last few years it is easy to see why they are a local favorite, and hard to believe that they haven’t received more attention outside New England. Not only are they super talented, they are unbelievably nice, and encompass a style all their own. I have spoken to Liz personally and she is by far one of the most positive and down to earth people I think I have ever met. This vibe and their pure love of music comes through in their songs. Their new song ‘Not Good Enough’ is very catchy (you will be singing it before the end of the song and well after it is over) and has great harmony. Check out their website to hear the new single as well as more of their fabulous music: www.Analogheartband.com

How long has the current lineup been together and how did you all meet?

The lineup has always included Jesse on lead guitar and Liz on lead vocals. Without this core I don’t think Analog Heart would continue.  The other two members joined last year. We have Eric Simpson on the drums who we met on Craigslist!  We also have Austin Magnant on bass who has been good friends with Eric for a long time. 

How would you describe your music? What is the inspiration?

I would describe our music as rock and roll with a bit of soul, blues, funk and pop.  We identify mostly with rock and roll and keep that at our core, but we love to play around with different genres.  Our inspiration stems from bands like The Foo Fighters, Queens of The Stone Age, Grace Potter, Kings of Leon, Silversun Pickups, The Killers, Florence and the Machine, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Janis Joplin, UnderOath, The Beatles, The Alabama Shakes… 

I know you just opened for Bon Jovi, how did you get that opportunity? Tell me what the experience was like and how the crowd received you. Have you had any additional opportunities because of it?

We were invited to open for Bon Jovi after we submitted our music video, “Merrimack Jane,” to Bon Jovi’s opening act contest!

The experience was incredible, the best live show we’ve ever played as a band by far.  Bon Jovi and his crew are all incredibly nice and made the experience a dream come true.  We even got to hangout with Bon Jovi himself a bit before we went on stage!  We played to a sold out crowd of 10,000 people in the Mohegan Sun arena in Connecticut.  We are an arena style band so it all felt so natural on stage!  The crowd was so loving and cheered us on.  After our set we had to have body guards to protect us from the crowds and signed over a hundred autographs. It was out of this world.  You ask if we’ve had additional opportunities because of this show and the answer is yes!  We have been able to play more shows and work with more booking agents because of it, plus it looks great on the resume. 

Tell me about your new song Not Good Enough?  Did you Write the song yourself? What was the inspiration for it? Is there a video for it? 

Our new single ‘Not Good Enough’ was written by our guitarist Jesse Cohen.  He came to band practice one evening with the chorus and asked the band if it was worth finishing.  Liz fell in love with the sassy soulful tune and the rest is history!  The inspiration for the song was to write a fun upbeat song our fans could dance to.  The song is about someone not being good enough in a relationship and all the little things that add up to that conclusion.  It’s an anthem for women and men everywhere who should never settle and who should find someone who makes them happy in every aspect of their lives.  

The video will be released September 29th at The Chit Chat in Haverhill, MA

I see that you are playing quite a few live shows. How are those going?

The shows are going great! 

Are you just playing local shows or are you playing outside of New England? 

We are playing mostly local this fall with a few exceptions.  We will be playing in Starks, ME for Harry’s Hill’s annual Harvest Ball Festival.  We are definitely trying to branch out to new locations including Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and south!  Liz is planning her solo tour down south as far as Alabama for the winter and Analog Heart will embark on a tour south in the spring! 

Do you have any more music in the works? A full-length album? 

We are working on our next release now, and it is almost finished.  It will be a 6 song EP titled “For Me This Time” after one of the tracks on the EP.  We aren’t exactly sure when it will be released, but I believe it’ll be sometime in the spring.  ‘For me This Time’ is a song written by Liz Bills about writing and doing things for her and not for everyone else.  The EP encompasses this idea.  As a band we have tried it all, tried being like another band, fitting into a mold, writing certain genre specific songs etc, and it just wasn’t us.  So these days we just write songs that we are happy with and that are true to ourselves.  Any other way would sound forced and inorganic. 

Is there any other exciting news?

I think that’s about it!  Analog Heart will hit the ground running with “For Me this Time” early next year and we are so excited to share the new music! Stay tuned for our Not Good Enough music video scheduled to be released at The Chit Chat September 29th.  It will hit YouTube and the interwebs the following morning September 30th. 

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