Harsh Armadillo’s “Blame Bad Habits” Album Review

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Harsh Armadillo’s “Blame Bad Habits” Album Review

Dave Rocha & Lauren Goldreich
of Truth Virus Records

One of the most anticipated follow-up albums this year, is from winners of the Best New Hampshire Band of the Year Award (2017), Harsh Armadillo. “Blame Bad Habits” came out last month to fans who were eagerly awaiting the flawless flow and grooves that the band is best known for. Fortunately, this album was worth the wait, and their smooth, funky sound has evolved in a way that easily sweeps you up in its beautiful current and takes you for a ride.

Singer Andrea Belaidi exhibits inexplicable strength in vocals, ranging from sultry and seductive, to mesmerizing and rhythmic tones. Thomas Forbes’ bass lines hold a relentless centerpiece that grab you right in the solar plexus. The horns section (made up of members Max Harris and Nick Murray, with appearances by Billy Kottage and Mike MacArthur) are as tight as your favorite pair of jeans from 8th grade, bringing the funk to the forefront. Each member meshes their musicianship together with precision, all while exhibiting the depth of their artistry.

“Blame Bad Habits” has underlying themes of growth, personal strength, and progress. A fall album debut is perfect for its sentiments, shepherding us into the winter with all the upbeat tunes we need to keep moving and progressing. When asked about the motivation for this, the band responded, “It’s easy to be suffocated by the world these days. The media just seems to spew this relentless miasma of negativity, and it’s easy to lose track of hope. We wanted to remind people that they need to make time to lift their nose from the grindstone, and invest in the things that bring happiness to their lives.”

There is a fluid movement through the entire album of tracks, making it difficult to pick a favorite. However, the tracks I really vibed with most are “Next”, “Lucidity”, and “She Gone”. Your neck will be sore from head-bobbing and your body will wonder how it ever wiggled and boogied so much after listening to this CD. Harsh Armadillo’s live shows are known for the magic in the air – so make sure you don’t miss them next time they come around. This is an amazing album from a solid, up and coming band. Get out there and support this great talent. You will thank me later!

You can buy the album here: https://harsharmadillo.bandcamp.com/album/blame-bad-habits

You can check out their website here: Website: http://www.harsharmadillo.com/

You can check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/HarshArmadillo

Harsh Armadillo is a 9-piece aural steamroller out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

They combine funk, jazz, and hip-hop roots to make original music that inspires minds and dance moves.

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