Every Mothers Nightmare Return with “Grind”

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Every Mother’s Nightmare signed with HighVolMusic in early 2017 for their first full-length release in 15 years. Grind will be released on October 6, 2017 and distributed through MRi/Sony Red. ‘Grind’ features a total of 11 tracks and 3 videos. The enhanced CD contains the 5 tracks from the self-released EP, plus 3 brand new studio tracks, 3 new live tracks recorded from the band’s performance at Minglewood Hall in Memphis, TN on August 21, 2016 and the new video for ‘Push’ along with the videos ‘Blown Away’ and ‘Loco Crazy’.

Every Mothers Nightmare. Breaking out in the early 90’s, I remember seeing them at Livestock 1, Sept 1990. The first of what would become a long tradition in my home county, in Zephyrhills, Florida.It was absolutely pouring that night and it was miserable. The only bands I wanted to see were the amazing and well loved local metal legends, Savage and Every Mother’s Nightmare. While they were generally considered part of the early 90’s hair bands, they had an edge to them that made them a bit different, like Dangerous Toys and Salty Dog.

My first thought about their new album, Grind(which was actually released as an EP a few years ago but re-released with bonus tracks as an LP recently) was that it’s hard to find a lot of 90’s rock bands who survived the massive, drowning wave of grunge, and still came out with their head above.  I was interested to hear how much of their original sound was still present.

With the easily recognizable vocals of Rick Ruhl as the only original member, the current line up also includes well known drummer and writer, Lonnie Hammer, Travis “Gunner” Butler, (guitar), Troy Fleming (bass) and John Guttery (guitar). These long haired country boys have not swayed from their straight forward, Memphis rock sound.

“Loco Crazy”, the opening song and first single off of Grind with accompanying video is one of those songs that gets stuck n your head and it definitely should be a song that deserves mainstream radio airplay.

For me, the second track, “Snake” has an Alice in Chains vibe to it, catchy and radio ready. The rest of the album follows in this timeless, modern rock formula. EMN haven’t missed a beat, they pick up right where they left off, but at the same time, is most certainly relevant today.

GRIND will be available October 6, 2017

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