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Hello, my name is Evan and we’re back with another straight to the point album review. Today’s review is on Brutal Records very own Venezuelan band, Demise and their newly released album – De La Manipulacion a La Ignorancio. Try saying that ten times fast. So, is it worth the listen? Is it crap? Will their next album have a much longer name? Let’s find out.

I am not a holy man by any stretch of the imagination, but after listening to this album I felt like I should go to church for confession. After listening to such a sinister sounding album and.. I absolutely loved it. Granted, I needed some ibuprofen from all the headbanging. Thankfully, I am feeling much better and ready to review. Demise brings an eerie-sinister vibe to this long-titled album. That truly puts you in the mindset of hell on earth. With Samuel L. Jackson yelling MF constantly in your ears as demons plaque the sky in order to bring upon the birth of the antichrist.

*stares at pills bottle*

L… S… Alrighty, then! I need to speed up this review. Alvaro delivers terrifying guttural death vocals thought-out the entire album leaving you with chills. Guitarists Bernardo and Erick never ceased to amaze me with the tone they set when it came to creating an eerie vibe for every track. Giving you the feeling of running through the 9 circles of hell slaying demons. Wow, my hands are rainbow colored! I love you guys…

Keny on the drums was electrifying. Never slowing down and with every pounding of the drum it made my heart race. Mauricio is a unsung hero on the album with his killer bass slapping that keeps each track glued together. Overall, if you’re looking for sick breakdowns, eerie/warlike melodies, mayhem riffs that will tear apart your soul that refuses to slow down then this is the album for you. I thoroughly enjoyed this very much, my favorite track is *gulps*… *looks over both shoulders* ISIS. Not what you think! It’s a great track, dammit Demise. Trying to set a brown dude up.

That’s all I have to say. I give De La Manipulacion a La Ignorancia – 5 flying demon Samuel L. Jacksons out of 5. This is straight to the point and why do you have eights eyes?



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