Album Review for A Little Stoned, A Little Hungry by Temo Molina

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By Lauren Goldreich and Dave Rocha of Truth Virus Records

A Little Stoned, A Little Hungry is a great piece of art coming from Californian musician Temo Molina, a man of many talents. “I’m just kind of addicted to creating,” says Molina, who describes his music as experimental and alternative. He wanted this album to be more upbeat and dance-worthy, so he brought his hip-hop and jazz influences to the table. The result is an amalgamate of ambient vocals and soothing hip-hop beats, and I’m hooked on it. The entire album is a solid production of music, with a sound you can play from beginning to end and stay upbeat yet chill the entire time.

There is an almost worldly sound to Molina’s music. He includes a lot of high-octave percussion and keeps a modern, upbeat rhythm. He draws his influence from classic acts like Radiohead, The Beatles, and Tom Waits. When asked to describe his creative process, he responded, “I randomly get these impulses to writes lyrics or melodies, and if I’m fortunate enough to have my guitar on me, I’ll usually start with that. Next thing you know, I’m diving head-first into an 8 hour recording session on Ableton.” His modern sound seems to transcend genre boundaries, bouncing styles from song to song with ease. He suggests giving the whole album a cumulative listen, and letting all the influences settle in your bones. Molina was discovered by Chris Tsagakis, of Rx Bandits and The Sounds of Animals Fighting, both very progressive projects. He dug right into Molina’s tunes, and was given some tracks to add drums, synthesizers, and fine tune to production.

After giving this album a thorough listen, I was eager to rummage through some of my trip hop favorites from the past, which also lead me to discovering some new trip hop artists as well. From there, I went and reconnected with the music of some hip hop artists that I’ve enjoyed over the years. Not only did Temo’s album entertain and provoke intrigue, it also inspired me to dig into some genres I haven’t explored for quite some time. It isn’t everyday that you hear an artist sample from the likes of psychedelic pioneer Terence McKenna! I am eager to see what Temo Molina creates in the future, and I suggest exploring his music now and experiencing where his progression is going to lead us.

A Little Stoned, A Little Hungry can be found on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Check out his music here: https://soundcloud.com/temomolina

And here: https://temomolina.bandcamp.com/music

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