LEGO Dimensions Teen Titans Go! E3 Trailer Shows New Gameplay

Posted By: Mike Boccher On:

Warner Bros and Tt Games released the first trailer for LEGO Dimensions Wave 9 and the Teen Titans GO! pack releasing this September. We get our first look at the Adventure World and Battle Arena as well as some of the moves from Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire. As as result of the team coming to the game, Robin and Cyborg will also have new outfits available if you already own them.

The full list of packs in the wave are as follows as a reminder

Beetlejuice Fun Pack – Beetlejuice figure with Sandworm character. Spider and vacuum are its secondary builds

Power Puff Girls Fun Pack – Buttercup figure with blaster. Cannon and Mag-net are secondary builds

Power Puff Girls Team Pack – Blossom and Bubbles figure with Octi. Skunk and Squid are secondary builds

Teen Titans Go! Fun Pack – Starfire figure with T-Robot. Rocket and retriever are secondary builds

Teen Titans Go! Team Pack – Raven and Beast Boy figure with T-car. Forklift and planes are secondary builds.

Check out the trailer below, and Wave 9 with the above packs releases in September on Xbox One

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