21 November 2018

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Drivetrain ‘Muscles Big’ LP Review by Evan Lee

You will be redirected to our new site, please bookmark the new URL. ‘Muscles Big’ LP by Drivetrain Review by […]

03 November 2018

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A Melding of the Minds

In todays over sensationalized world and a government almost seemingly judged on how good its doing by how the ratings […]

02 January 2018

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Behind the Local Scene with Heather

Follow Behind the Local Scene with Heather, a Maine hard rock and metal scene blog.    Hi, I’m Heather and […]

21 June 2017

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Phish Drummer wins Board of Selectmen seat in hometown

The drummer for the jam band Phish has been elected to his Maine town’s Board of Selectmen. Jon Fishman will […]

23 August 2014

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Why Guitarists Fail To Reach Their Musical Goals

You need to persevere in order to accomplish truly amazing things in your guitar playing. Most guitarists quit too soon […]

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