Aldous Collins Band

USA // South Shore, MA



The Aldous Collins Band

is based in the progressive South Shore music scene and plays all over New England and the east coast.  The band is an explosive live act filled with fun, and high energy filled music.  The strength of the band lies in its uncanny ability to connect with the audience through its infectious songs and the Pied Piper abilities of their front man Aldous Collins.  The music is original, catchy and uplifting.  And the lyrics have strong hooks, conveying an image of a fun loving lifestyle that have audiences hooked by the end of the first song.  Most noteworthy, is the connection of the band’s performance and music to the audience, which has yielded tremendous success for music venues and business partner.  The band has several iterations to meet the needs of any music venue, entertainment or marketing/commercial effort.  We can do the full 7 piece band to a quartet, acoustic duo or provide songwriting.


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